Sunhee YOON

Imagine, Dream about walking in space - unlimited space. One step at a time.

 1996  Fairleigh Dickinson University, BA
1997  New York Studio School
1999  Pratt Institute, MFA
  2019   'Inside out Outside in’ 776 Space, Brooklyn, NY
 2016  'looking at', Gallery Qualia, Seoul, Korea
 2014  'Place', Gallery Space Zero, Seoul, Korea
   'Mountain Cloud', Gallery Gaia, Brooklyn, NY
 2013  'Longing', bcs gallery, Long Island City, NY
  'Change', Space Haam, Seoul, Korea
   'Betweenand With', Gookmin Galley, Seoul, Korea
 2012  'IS/NOT', Gallery Sobab, Youngphong, Gyungido, Korea
  'IS/NOT', Gallery MESH, Seoul, Korea
 2011  'Look at it', University College Art Gallery, FDU, NJ
  2019   ‘TOUCH’, The 12th Annual Yesamo USA, Jersey city hall, Jersey City, NJ
  2018   ‘Oneness’ KandP Gallery, NYC, NY
      ‘BETWEEN WOMAN AND HUMAN - PART II’, University CollegeArtGallery, FDU, NJ
      University College Art Gallery, FDU, NJ
  2017   ‘FDU Faculty Show’, University College Art Gallery, FDU, NJ
  Adjunct Professor & Director, University College art Gallery, Fairleigh Dickinson University