Sehyeon OH

  No one would dissent to the fact that language is the most distinguished tool for communication. However, language definitely is not the most accommodating one. One of the most prominent characteristics of language is ‘double articulation.’ Double articulation enables infinite number of combinations between various meanings by amalgamating sub-units of signs(codes) that do not have its own meaning. These combinations(words) can be made into unlimited number of sentences. According to Susanne Langer, a philosopher, “complex amalgamation as linguistic articulation is also possible” among visual media such as photographs, paintings, and sketches through either addition or subtraction, because visual media also have sign codes such as lines, hue, shades, forms, and proportions. She also thought that non-lingual media can be more complex, intricate, and accommodating tool than language for thoughts or ideas that are difficult to be expressed in words. This does not mean that language and visual media are inter-complimentary, but are rather different communications systems with different codes. This is why lingual communication accompanied by visual information can be more discommoding. Let us assume that our language has only one word, ‘apple.’ Although conversations in this language could be frustrating, it can happen. For example, if a sender points to a cup with a finger and says ‘apple’ to the recipient, the recipient will most likely bring the cup to the sender. Likewise, communication can happen with the aid of visual informations, such as gesture or context. However, if a sender was to write a letter, it would only look something like ‘Apple Apple Apple Apple Apple Apple Apple Apple Apple Apple Apple Apple...’ Thus the meaning of a single text changes on what kind of visual information is accompanied that is sent by the sender; another important factor which must not be overlooked.  

 1980  Born in Kangwon, South Korea
 2000-2007 B.F.A, College of Fine Arts, Wonkwang University, Iksan
 since 2011 M.F.A, graduate school of communication & arts, Yonsei University, Seoul
   Lives and works in Seoul
   Film Festival
2004  The 1st Seoul Experimental Film Festival, Seoul
2007  Vancouver International Film Festival, Vancouver
   Image Forum Japan, Tokyo
   Experimental Film and Video Festival in Seoul, Seoul
2004  Jiff THQUE, Jeonju
2007  International Experimental Arts Project, Seoul
2008  Gallery Zorba(Solo exhibition), Seoul
   The independent film and video screening in space cell, Seoul
   'A Dieu! my ugly childhood', Gallery Monghwan, Seoul
2009  Incheon international digital art festival 2009, Incheon
2010  Open Studio & Max Koffler, Berlin
   Gallery Woojin(Solo exhibition), Jeonju
2014  Brückenkunst, Inselbrücke·Café Re, Berlin
2015  Brückenkunst, Inselbrücke·Café Re, Berlin
   Brückenkunst nach Demmin, Lübecker Speicher Demmin, Demmin